Courage; The Legend, The Myth, The Rock 

While many people enjoy the rock and roll stylings of Courage, not many people know
the real story behind the Buttrock legends. The Courage saga began in a double-wide trailer home in Clackamas, OR.

Billy Bob had been “hiding out” for about 3 years and smoking crack steadily day and night. He was known throughout the neighborhood for his constant tirades about how the FBI was “watching” him. Many people were scared and eventually they turned him in to the Man.

While cooling his heels on a five-year ride at the State Pen., Billy Bob ran in to an- other interesting character named Russell Spanker III. Russell was doing time for stealing postage stamps out of the till at work. The two instantly formed a bond for both friendship and the protection of their own asses. Russell convinced Billy Bob that the way to enlighten- ment was not through the torrid day and night use of crack and spank mags, but the combina- tion of the two when put in a Hard Rock context. Billy Bob was sold.

Upon getting of the pen the two instantly went for a long overdue and well deserved, fancy dinner at the IHOP. After the dinner the two of them went out back for a quick crack break next to the trash dumpsters when they heard a loud crash. Out of the dumpster popped the head of a curly haired future rock demon.

His name was Murky Bongwater and he asked the two if they had a quarter so he could go use the private booth at Mr. Peeps. Since they were on their way themselves they decided to give him a ride. However when heading there in Billy Bob’s 1981 IROC they got to a talkin’ and realized they all had dreams of being in a really kick ass band and singing about their mutual loves of porn, alcohol, rocking, and crack. The wheels were set in motion and the three vowed to make their mark on the rock world. They were now and forever will be, Courage.